The Felmlee Story

John Felmlee was a sportsman and an avid fisherman. Whether he was fishing in freshwater or saltwater, he loved the thrill of being outdoors and catching fish. In the 1940s, with the economy rebounding from World War II, John decided to dedicate himself to building a new, more realistic fishing lure.

John remained true to his passion, constantly experimenting with different ways to make his fishing lures look and feel more realistic. He made countless lures from various types of new materials, testing them in the lakes and rivers he had always fished. Through his persistence and real-world experimentation, John was able to identify the characteristics of lures that make all the difference in attracting and hooking fish.

A New Company with Innovative Ideas

In 1954, John set up a small business that quickly grew to become Felmlee Enterprises Inc. Combining his business acumen with his newly acquired knowledge of fishing lures, Felmlee Enterprises began producing soft fishing lures with a chemical composition and design unlike any other lure on the market. 

A well-made lure can catch an angler’s eye quicker than anything the tackle box holds. It sits there wide-eyed and gleaming, waiting to test the mettle of its next victim.

Made with John’s secret chemical formula, Felmlee lures had a uniquely soft-textured, flexible plastic composition, as well as a natural color base that did not fade with time. Today, the skilled hand craftsmanship required for ultra-realistic appearance and exceptional performance remains the cornerstone of Felmlee Lures.